Manyuu Hikenchou review

When you start watching a show and the very first shot is of boobs, you pretty much know what to expect going in.


So, Manyuu Hikenchou! This series comes to us from Hiraku Kaneko, the man who created the character ‘Cattleya’ in Queen’s Blade.



But that’s not all! He also directed such fine works of entertainment as Foxy NudesPanty Flash Teacher and Seikon no Qwaser. Wait, what?

no wai

Oh dear.

So the series begins with our heroine Chifusa, a busty ninja of the Manyuu clan during the Edo period of Japan. The Manyuu clan’s tenets revolve around being busty and making other people less busty, in a world where bustiness equals wealth and power (Anna-Nicole Smith would be proud, HIYOO)

Chifusa is fleeing her clan with a secret scroll which contains the secret to beautiful breasts, which she intends to share with the entire world to put an end to the bizarre caste system in place that totally happened in Edo Japan and isn’t made up at all.

Along for the ride is her handmaiden Kaede, voiced by none other than Aki Toyosaki, who played Tomo in Seikon no Qwaser. Kaede’s breasts have been destroyed as punishment for trying to help Chifusa escape by Chifusa’s half-sister, Kagefusa (proud owner of permanent crazy-eyes and boobs bigger than her head).

And then they kiss.

Kagefusa and Kaede, BFFs 4eva.

However, during their escape, Chifusa slices Kagefusa’s breasts and absorbs them, thus growing her own substantial cleavage. Of course, this pisses Kagefusa right off, so Kaede and Chifusa run for the hills, thus beginning the series proper.

Basically, Chifusa wants to find out why she can steal and absorb breasts, and later how to give them back – since her thefts cause the pair endless strife.

On their travels, Chifusa and Kaede run into a whole mess of insanity that range from hilarious to downright stupid. Here are a few highlights:

In the second episode the pair are taken in by a friendly innkeeper who eventually turns out to be a Manyuu assassin. Her special power? Swinging her breasts around like a balloon helicopter to hypnotise her foes. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.


But I sure as hell wish I was.

In most episodes of the series, the pair encounter men who are ridiculously obsessed with breasts, none more so than Lord Hatomune, who the pair first meet at a ‘Boob shake’ contest. Yep.

His first speech in the series is as follows:

“If there are big breasts in the east, I shall admire their splendor.

If there are sagging breasts in the west, I shall love their humbleness.

If there are unbalanced breasts in the north, I shall understand their uniqueness.

If there are hanging bell-shaped breasts in the south, I shall devote myself to their strangeness”

A true scholar.

“Atta boy.”

Russ Meyer-esque dialogue aside, Lord Hatomune really is a funny character, especially when he fights off an entire group of soldiers on his own while yelling “Oppai!” over and over and over again.


No badass has ever been more obsessed.

Kagefusa herself is a pretty cool character – she has a great character design, an… original plot arc, and, once she calms down a bit and loses her crazy-eyes and antagonist role near the end of the series, has a decent amount of screen-time, actually acting as a calming presence towards the assassin Ouka despite her previous performance.

Calm edition.

One more picture, for good measure.

Ouka is cool in my books simply because she posesses the voice of Rin Asogi (from Mnemosyne), Mamiko Noto. Once Ouka arrives on the scene, the plotline of the series really wakes up, as she acts as a catalyst, linking Chifusa’s past to her present and this sentence is getting way too serious BOOB SEGUE


The art in Manyuu Hikenchou is bright and vibrant, and pretty damn gorgeous (aside from some weird facial animations in the first episode). The music is also impressive – AiRI do an excellent job with the opening and closing tracks of each episode, and I don’t think I skipped a single intro because of that.

However, the important question remains – did I like the series?

While the series does have a lot of funny moments, and a surprisingly decent plot, including some neat ideas and characters, the fanservice, at times idiotic writing and overabundance of annoying boob-obsessed men can really grate and get in the way of things, so I can’t wholly recommend the series because of that. However, the last few episodes in particular really impressed me, and both Chifusa and Kaede lampshade a lot of the idiocy that surrounds the show. The pair are also a great duo, and they’re both likeable, funny characters.

In other words, your opinion on boobs controls this rating. If you can stand to wade through the boobs to get to the boobs that actually have plot relevance you could watch far worse shows than Manyuu Hikenchou.

That’s all the boobs I can handle for one review, so here’s the final rating.

Boobs rating: (.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.) out of boobs.

In my boobs, don’t boob your boobs before they boob.

boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs

Ouka is druuuuuuunk.

SIDE NOTE: It was almost goddamn impossible to find SFW images for this. 😡


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