Mayo Chiki! Review/Thoughts

AKA “Way Too Many Images: The Review”.

I hesitate to call this a review – due to lack of drive and ideas of what to comment on, I sort of half-assed it. Next one will be better, I promise! :3

Ah, Chicken Mayo. Delicious, juicy and filling. Does there exist a better sandwich? I think not.

Wait, that’s not right.


Yes, Mayo Chiki, a show about an average guy who discovers that the most sought-after boy in his school is actually A GIRL!

Who knew?

Apparently her disguise sensei was Clark Kent.

This imposter is Subaru Konoe, who spends her time as a butler when not being a vaguely perplexed hug pillow.

Not entirely safe for work O.o

Seriously, what’s up with that? She kicks her father into SPACE in one episode. Talk about confidence issues.

Our bespectacled hero is Sakamichi Kinjirou, a guy with gynophobia whose nose bleeds every time he comes into contact with a girl, because his mother is a professional wrestler and his sister beats him up all the time. Needless to say, his discovery of Subaru’s distinctive non-maleness leads to all sorts of shenanigans. Wacky!

Sakami Chicken Jirou

The main plot mainly revolves around the will-they-won’t-they tension between Subaru and Jirou, and Subaru conquering his fear of women. It’s nothing all that special, and isn’t really the driving force behind the series. No, what kept me going through some rather predictable scenes were the characters themselves – and there’s a lot to like about them.

Subaru’s mistress, the ridiculously flirtatious and decidedly malicious Suzutsuki, looks like she just stepped off the set of Black Butler, with red eyes, long hair and Victorian attire. She fills the role of ‘the seductive one who messes with the main character’.

Typical facial expression

Jirou’s sister Kureha actually gets her own episode, and it’s one of the best in the series – though a capable fighter, she is still a 15 year old girl, and her birthday party is suitably silly. Sure, there are some bizarre moments, like when the ghosts from The Ring and The Grudge come to her party (for no reason) but the scene where she gets sung to by all the main girls to wish her a happy birthday is a heartwarming scene that can melt all but the stoniest of hearts.

mai birfdai

The there’s Usami. Her name sounds like the Japanese for rabbit, and she is a tsundere who sort of maybe kind of falls for Jirou. But still calls him a ‘stupid chiken’. Moving on…


Hey. Get back here and talk more about me.

And last but certainly not least, the enigmatic Nakuru. By all accounts, she is probably the most fascinating character in the show, mostly because she is part of a niche not normally seen in anime – a ganguro, or Japanese person who dyes their hair blonde and uses fake tan to look as different as possible. She also has cat ears and a fetish for glasses, which comes into play in the dirty novels she writes about Jirou and Subaru’s supposed gay romance. Despite being the token mischevious busty character, she really steals the show in the coda episode of the series, episode 13. In fact, the minor romance that goes on between her and Jirou in that same episode in my opinion eclipses the one between Jirou and Subaru.

Nerd chic.

Anyway, onto the boring technical stuff. The show itself is bright and colourful and relentlessly upbeat, and the comedy is handled very well – there are plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout. The music is also pretty good, with the theme song standing out as an immensely listenable track.

Unfortunately, the weakest part of the series is the Subaru-Jirou romance. While their scenes are handled well, it just doesn’t seem to go very far over the course of the series – everything always seems to return to the status quo by the end of each episode, meaning that there is little development. However, this is more than made up through the comedy and side-stories (particularly during episodes 10 & 13)


Mayo Chiki! is impossible to dislike, with its great characters and funny moments, but the overall romance doesn’t go very far. Still definitely reccomended.

Standout moments: Kureha’s birthday, the Kampfer and Hidan no Aria cosplay in episode 13. (pictured)



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