What Is Money?

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you may wonder why I make a special point of giving extra credit to voice actors. Quite aside from the fact that it’s good to give credit where credit is due, I find the trade quite fascinating, and am actually working to become a bona fide voice actor myself.

So here’s a visual novel I was in! And so was Amber Lee Conners, because on the internet anything is possible.

I played the player character – which makes me you, and you me. FUSION HA


And check out m’bro TrickQube’s website – he wrote and produced What Is Money and deserves all your support.


I also have multiple cool VA gigs working their way through the pipeline, so stay tuned. I’m very excited to show them off 😉

In the meantime, court will remain in session. Animes will continue to face judgement. Be afraid. Be very afraid…


One thought on “What Is Money?

  1. […] Sound effects are punchy and add to the already sky-high hype level in matches, and the music is catchy too. While I watched Keijo!!!!!!!! with its original Japanese dub and subtitles (and it was superb) I do know that the English cast has been revealed, and it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. Nozomi will be played by Amber Lee Connors, who I’ve actually sort of worked with in the past. […]

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