Monthly Archives: November 2014

Update: The Updatening

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven’t really been posting much, this final year of university work has been piling up and there’s only so much procrastination I can fit in 24 hours.


That said, I have a couple of reviews to come when I have the time to dedicate to finishing them, and something I voice acted in has finally been released! I present to you, courtesy of Friend Of The Cause┬áLalelaida, Tokyo Drool! A parody of an anime I’ve never seen! Wheeeeeeeeee

I play Jason and Hideyoshi Nagachika. Please note, there’s some strong violence and language, some of it from my unsullied lips, so if you’re not a fan of that sort of thing I’d advise you steer clear.

Don’t forget to check out Lalelaida’s YouTube channel for more fandubs and shenanigans from her, and I’ll catch you, as they say, on the flipside.