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My Wife is the Student Council President review

There comes a time in every human’s life where they have to stop for a moment, kick off their shoes and ask some deep questions.

What am I doing? Where am I going? Am I a good person? What’s next? Am I ready to take on a life full of responsibilities? Am I really okay with spending two hours of my life watching an anime series that isn’t very good?

No, no I’m not.

My Wife is the Student Council President is the story of a guy whose wife is the student council president. I know, surprising, right?

Well, technically they’re engaged. Well, actually their parents arranged their marriage. And our heroine moves in with him. And they have to hide the fact they stay together (really poorly) because reasons. God, doesn’t this sound like the best series?


What can I even say about this? I watched it literally hours ago and can barely remember anything about it. There’s very little build-up, and practically zero backstory to any of the characters – who, I might add, blow onto and off screen like a paper bag in an updraft.


Pictured L-R: Protag Onist, Hoosy McWhatsit, Ui Somethingororher, Karen Yknowthatoneguy

I remember the main girl’s name is Ui, and the head of the school’s disciplinary committee is Misumi (I think), but hell if I know the main dude’s name or the other members of the student council. Karen, I think, was one of them. The blonde one with quad tails. And a snaggletooth.


I couldn’t even find a good picture of Karen, she’s in the show so little!

What I’m trying to say is that there’s really nothing holding this show together. How could there be, when the story is told in twelve 8-minute bursts, each one a different situation? Everything feels rushed, characters act and overreact to absurd degrees – “How can I marry this girl? Damn parents! I’m going to lick your breasts now!” – and there’s so many absurd choices and situations at play it makes my head spin.


Pictured: A guy who totally does not want to be in a relationship with this girl.

You’ve got the disciplinary committee leader who is utterly against relationships between boys and girls of the school (even in their time outside of school, which is a draconian strategy if ever I’ve heard one) but secretly has the mega-hots for Protag Onist; her sister, the school nurse, who practically rapes him in his sleep in one episode; Protag himself, who is so totally against the idea of relations with Ui but finds himself groping and… ahem… massaging her at least once per episode; and Ui’s mother and father who are both around 40 but look about 10 and who appear in TWO episodes.



Sometimes it feels like Yamada’s First Time


And sometimes like the creators were out of their minds when they made this show.



Sometimes it’s genuinely funny…


And sometimes it’s just weird and absurd.


Sometimes it’s surprisingly romantic…


And sometimes it’s just not.


Ui herself is the strongest link in the series, but again her character design is kind of all over the place. Her voice actress seems almost a little too deep for the character they’re portraying (which I actually like better than if they’d given her a squeaky voice) and her design incorporates her own snaggletooth, which seems vaguely out of place. She’s at least likeable, if a bit of an oddball – but everything unique about her character (that of an advocate of “free love” at the school) is abruptly thrown out of the window after the first episode. We barely even see her doing anything AS a student council president!


Except tossing condoms out to the entire student body YES THAT DOES ACTUALLY HAPPEN

It also makes me mildly uncomfortable that they don’t play coy with the character’s age, considering we see many, many upskirts, cleavage shots and more besides before we are informed the character is, in fact, 15. Also, who gets made president of the student council in their first year of high school?


This girl, apparently.

The art is nice, if not exactly ground-breaking, and there are a couple of funny scenes hidden away in there, but when your fanservice is borderline pornographic and STILL mediocre, you’ve got problems.

Oh, and the second season sucks too.


My Wife is the Student Council President is about as emotionally and mentally stimulating as a Garfield comic. A mild smattering of funny jokes and at least one decent episode can’t save the series from bland, uninteresting characters, unremarkable fanservice and frankly preposterous circumstances. If there’s any consolation, it’s that that while it may be a waste of time to watch this series, at 8 minutes an episode it’s not a waste of MUCH time.


Reminder: this series has a second season.