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Food Wars review

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time here on this planet, it’s that food rules. Stews, pastas, pizzas, pies; the list goes on. And anime rules too. But…what if they combined?

Soma Yukihira is just your average everyday teenager, pulling shifts in his dad’s diner between bouts of high school. He’s popular, his food is good, and his dad is a cool, if eccentric, guy. But one day, his life is shattered when his dad decides to travel the world cooking in fancy restaurants.

Soma, on the other hand, is sent to a new school. Not just any school though, he’s sent to the most prestigious culinary academy in Japan, if not the world.


Though he initially faces harsh criticism and fierce competition – especially from the beautiful “God Tongue” Erina Nakiri – his charm and optimism see him through arduous challenges on his quest to become The Best There Ever Was™.


Many a sumo wrestler has tried, and many failed… miserably.

Yes, yes, it’s hardly an original concept when you put it like that – but much like Ben-To!, Food Wars takes a classic concept and injects it with a fresh angle. Instead of battling with swords and shields, the conflicts of Food Wars are settled by Shokugeki – formal cook-offs with high stakes to play for.


And it’s not like the regular school work is any less intense – regular gruelling tasks quickly separate the wheat from the chaff, and some chefs-in-training struggle to keep their heads above water, like innocent Megumi Tadokoro, who begins to learn and adapt with Soma. It’s a very natural friendship that works really well within the story.


“Wow, my face is really soft!”

Soma’s living quarters are the Polar Star dormitory, which he shares with Megumi and a bunch of other zany chefs-in-training, all of which are too interesting to describe in a single paragraph – though special mention must go to Satoshi Isshiki, who just refuses to wear anything but an apron for no real reason.


Pls no

They’re all very charming and likeable, but the real star of the show here is the food itself. If there’s one thing Food Wars does with a passion, it’s food porn.


Don’t be ashamed if you start to drool, that’s perfectly natural.

Approaching the kitchen with an anime mindset results in a scenes that combine semi-educational recipes with ludicrous spectacle. Cooking is never a simple affair in Food Wars, oh no. Characters cut meat like samurai, toss dough like acrobats and chop vegetables at warp speed, flinging ingredients to and fro.

Food Wars 8_zpsvtjwq2xd

I too like to cook stuff while playing an invisible keyboard.

And when the meal is completed, its never just a matter of eating – the food of Food Wars is quite literally orgasmic. Characters recoil and melt into hazy fantasies at the slightest whiff of the dishes in this series, from the sublime…


To the ridiculous…

Food Wars 10_zpsbarkmrvh

And all places in between. But none of this serves to weaken the series – it’s refreshing to see such a bright, breezy series with its head held high, revelling in the stupidity and using it to its advantage.

It’s also got some pretty sweet fanservice, just sayin’.


Ahh, nothing like a hot bath of… rice?

Food Wars is a rare example of excess leading to success. There are dozens of characters throughout the series, but they’re mostly given enough screen time to appreciate their individual traits and specialities. There’s a lot of needless fanservice, but it never feels too obtrusive. The series is 24 episodes long, but it doesn’t feel flabby. The art is bright and very “shonen” but never feels too juvenile. It’s pretty much the full gamut.



That being said, if I have one complaint about the series, it’s the final arc. Taking place during a cooking tournament, the last four or so episodes are just a stream of dishes shoved under the judges noses and foodgasms. It gets a little wearing as you wait for less interesting characters to have their turn and get to the main characters. And Nikumi.


Because I favour practical cooking attire.

So all in all, I had a great time watching Food Wars. It made for a good palate cleanser after the god-awful My Wife is a Needlessly Long Title and means I can now safely approach something much darker in tone…


…Or not! Time will tell.


Food Wars is a delectable experience from starter to dessert. Hilarious comedy, fun characters and a creative concept elevate this series above the rank and file. Bon appetit!

And because I realise I can never truly get across the insane magic of Food Wars through words alone, here’s a clip of one of the first recipes in the series: