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Keijo!!!!!!!! review

I’ve never quite figured out why I don’t like sports. Maybe it’s the physicality, or the fact that it’s thinly veiled exercise (shudder). Or maybe it’s because sports fans tend to be a bit WAHEY LADS LETS GET SMASHED ****IN RITE MAN GET THE **** OUTTA HERE YA [Rangers/Celtic/etc] *******S.

I think maybe the key thing is that I haven’t found my ideal sport. Well, now I have.

Keijo!!!!!!!! (and yes, it does have eight exclamation points) is the story of Nozomi Kaminashi, a young lady with fire in her eyes and a passion in her heart – a passion for the sport of Keijo, where women fight to knock each other off floating platforms in a big swimming pool using only cuts of chicken.


By which I mean breasts and thighs if ya know what I’m sayin’.

Nozomi wants to be the richest Keijo player in the world, in order to save her family from poverty. A noble goal… sort of.

In order to achieve it, she joins the prestigious Setouchi Keijo Training School (not a high school, they’re all adults in this series!), but she’s got competition – from her training partners, rival academies, and even her best friend (Olympic-tier judoka and Best Girl™) Sayaka Miyata.


The real star of this show.

It’s a pretty standard premise, but one which is used effectively to tell an amusing, bonkers storyline. Part of the charm of Keijo!!!!!!!! is the fact that, like Kill la Kill, it uses standard shonen anime tropes to create something utterly ridiculous, but still engaging.

One of the best parts about the series is finding out what the next character’s “ultimate move” is during the numerous Keijo battles. Each one is more ridiculous than the last, and they have epically stupid names to go along with them.

Some examples: Nozomi’s “Vacuum Butt Cannon”; Rin Rokudou’s “Butt Gatling”; Atsuko Yoshida’s “Ass of Vajra”; and many more that I dare not spoil because they’re just too funny/hype.


Okay, maybe just one more.

Though I’m particularly fond of Sayaka’s “W-Acceleration”, where she literally hikes up her swimsuit to go impossibly fast.


And that’s the thing about Keijo!!!!!!!! – even though it’s totally ridiculous, it’s also one of the shows I’ve been most hyped to watch every week. There’s an actual science to its stupidity. Much like Food Wars before it, Keijo!!!!!!!! is like the best parts of the WWE in it’s heyday: the world’s biggest, dumbest soap opera, where every week something happens that’s even more amazing than what happened the week before.

And much like Food Wars, the only way to properly explain is to just show, so here you go:

If I have one complaint, it’s that Nozomi and Sayaka’s roommates aren’t really given a fair shake in the plot. Kazane Aoba has one of the coolest abilities in the series but constantly gets shafted in her Keijo matches (twice through blatantly unfair shenanigans), and Non Toyoguchi – owner of the softest butt in the world – doesn’t really do much at all.


Still, no matter what she or anyone else does, they look good doing it. Keijo!!!!!!!! is animated surprisingly well for a series that likely wasn’t expected to have mass appeal. I love the bold black outlines around characters, it really makes them stand out.


As if they needed any help.

Sound effects are punchy and add to the already sky-high hype level in matches, and the music is catchy too. While I watched Keijo!!!!!!!! with its original Japanese dub and subtitles (and it was superb) I do know that the English cast has been revealed, and it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. Nozomi will be played by Amber Lee Connors, who I’ve actually sort of worked with in the past.

In conclusion, is Keijo!!!!!!!! well written? No. And it’s definitely not clever. But you know what?

I still had a blast watching it.


With one fell swoop of a hip, Keijo!!!!!!!! has blasted onto the scene giving other more popular series a run for their money, by avoiding the po-faced melodrama so many of them rely on. It’s not high art, but sometimes a little junk food is just what the doctor ordered.